Jornal do Algarve celebrates its 66th anniversary

There is a special anniversary edition

The weekly Jornal do Algarve celebrates, this Thursday, March 30, its 66th anniversary, with a special edition.

On the same day, in 1957, the first issue of this regional publication was released on newsstands, the result of the enthusiasm of journalist José Barão (1904-1966) and a group of merchants from Vila Real de Santo António.

However, the idea of ​​creating the Jornal do Algarve dates back to 1951, when it was debated at a famous gathering in Chiado, Lisbon, as well as at the time of the 2nd Congress of the Algarve.

Since its inception, Jornal do Algarve has hoisted its claiming flags, fighting daily for the development of the region, which at that time was backward, despised and far from the symbols of modernity.

The first major struggle was the so-called and famous “Operação Algarve Turismo”, in 1960, inspired by the 1st National Tourism Congress. At that time, the Algarve still did not have an attractive tourist unit and this project would later result in the construction of the first tourist developments such as the Hotel Vasco da Gama, inaugurated on the XNUMXst of August of that year, in Monte Gordo, sponsored by José Barão and Jornal do Algarve.

The editorial staff of the first years had journalists and chroniclers such as Torcato da Luz, Encarnação Viegas, Maria de Olhão and Mário Zambujal.

After the death of José Barão, on August 30, 1966, the direction of the newspaper was taken over by his son, António Barão, with the support of editor-in-chief José Manuel Pereira and writers such as Marcelino Viegas, João Leal and José Cruz ( who was also editor-in-chief from 1979 to 1983).

In 1983, the weekly was acquired and the direction was taken over by Fernando Reis, who died on December 4, 2021.

Since then, the historic director Fernando Reis – now “Director In Memorian” – has been replaced by his wife, Maria Luísa Travassos as director of the newspaper.

The special anniversary edition has an article dedicated to the region, its problems and possible solutions, with the opinion of different entities, from different sectors and ages, in addition to all the current events in the district.