IP finished rehabilitation of the Foupana and Ladrões bridges, in Alcoutim

Works cost 630 thousand euros

Bridge over Ribeira da Foupana, on the EN122 – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

The rehabilitation works on the Foupana and Ladrões bridges, on the EN122, in Alcoutim, which allowed for the general improvement and reinforcement of the structural conditions of these crossings, have already been completed, announced Infraestruturas de Portugal.

«The work carried out consisted, among others, of general cleaning of the bridges and the waterline, sealing cracks, reinforcing and paving the foundations of pillars, creating drainage sites, applying protective paint, leveling the waterline bed, repaving the track and repairing the curb and sidewalks», according to IP.

This work of rehabilitation and structural reinforcement of the two bridges on the EN122, which cost 630 thousand euros, was «developed within the scope of IP's daily work of continuous improvement of the quality levels of the National Road Network».