MED Festival will feature Sétima Legião, Sara Correia, Omar Souleyman and Horace Andy

In total, there will be 66 concerts, 400 musicians from 18 nationalities, and 12 stages.

Photo: El tiu Cancho

The Portuguese Sétima Legião, Sara Correia and Pedro Mafama, the Syrian Omar Souleyman, the Jamaican Horace Andy and the duo Amadou&Mariam, from Mali. These are some of the 17 names announced for the 19th edition of the MED Festival, which will take place from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July, in Loulé. 

The first names were revealed this Friday, March 3rd, at a press conference at the Lisbon Tourism Board in which the Sul Informação is participating.

One of the highlights is the return of Jamaican Horace Andy. The reggae artist gave a concert at MED, right in the first editions, in 2009.

Who will also return to Loulé is the duo Amadou&Mariam.

The Malians, who attended this festival in the Algarve in 2008, have achieved global success by combining West African influences with R&B and it is one of the most cherished projects in the world of music.

In Portuguese music, this year MED has one of the three concerts that will mark the 40 years of Sétima Legião's career: in addition to Lisbon and Porto, the band will go to Loulé for a commemorative show.

Fado singer Sara Correia and singer Pedro Mafama will also perform.

The Brazilian Bia Ferreira starred, in May 2022, at Cineteatro Louletano, in the “warm-up” for MED, and now, this voice of the struggle for LGBTQl+ rights, against racism and xenophobia, is part of this year’s poster. 

In total, there will be 66 concerts, 400 musicians from 18 nationalities, and 12 stages.

Alongside music, cinema, poetry, theatre, street entertainment, visual arts and gastronomy are once again part of this year's programme. 

Speaking to journalists, Carlos Carmo, councilor of the Loulé Chamber in charge of events, considered that the bar «is always high for the MED Festival».

«We always take great care in preparing the programme. We always want to do better than the last edition », she said.

The remaining names of the Festival will be presented in the first days of April, at Café Calcinha.




All names announced:

Amadou&Mariam (Mali)

Amar Freitas (Brazil)

Aywa (Morocco/France)

Bandadriatica (Italy)

Bandua (PT)

Beat Matou (PT)

Bia Ferreira (Brazil)

Bulimundo (Cape Verde)

Club Makumba (PT)

Horace Andy (Jamaica)

Lavoiser (Portuguese)

Omar Souleyman (Syria)

Onipa (Ghana/UK)

Pedro Mafama (PT)

Sara Correia (PT)

Sarah McCoy (USA)

Seventh Legion (GB)


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