Feira da Serra will have Resistance, José Cid, João Pedro Pais and Bárbara Tinoco

This year, it is already known which will be the star product of the event: the almond

Photo: Flávio Costa | Sul Informação

Feira da Serra, which takes place from the 27th to the 30th of July, in São Brás de Alportel, will feature concerts by Resistência, João Pedro Pais, Bárbara Tinoco and José Cid. 

The names are included in the bidding documents for the event, which have already been published on the Base portal.

Feira da Serra kicks off on the 27th with Resistência, an emblematic band from the 90s that has now returned to the stage.

On the 28th, the guest singer will be João Pedro Pais.

The musician, whose last album is from 2019, will perform some hits like “Mentira” or “Um Resto de Tudo”.

For the night of the 29th, a show by Bárbara Tinoco is booked.

The singer, who recently participated in the final of the Festival da Canção, is the author of songs such as “Before she says yes”, “Sei Lá” and “Chamada non-answered”.

The concerts in this year's edition of Feira da Serra end with a renowned name in Portuguese music: José Cid.

This year, it is also known what the star product of the event will be: almonds.

«Queen of confectionery, which today represents the most dynamic industrial sector in the municipality and with the greatest expression in the region, almonds will be the special guest of this edition that promises to continue to innovate tradition», said Vítor Guerreiro, mayor of São Brás de Alportel, in the presentation of the event that took place at the Lisbon Tourism Exchange.

In addition to music, Feira da Serra will once again have a strong component linked to handicrafts and gastronomy.


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