Assisted fishing vessel off Portimão after entering water

The vessel had five people on board.

The Navy coordinated, early this morning, a search and rescue operation of the fishing vessel Astur, with five people on board, of Portuguese nationality, which was in a high water intake off the coast of Portimão.

The fishing vessel, which was sailing at 20 nautical miles, the equivalent of about 40 kilometres, southwest of the port of Portimão, asked for help around 6:00 am.

After the alert, the Lisbon Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center, in conjunction with the Captain of the Port of Portimão, immediately called the NRP Sagitário, which went to the location.

Upon arrival, the Navy ship's personnel, equipped with portable sewage facilities, helped the fishing vessel extract the water that continued to accumulate on board, allowing the vessel to reach the port of Portimão.

«The fishing vessel Astur docked safely at 8:40 am», reveals the Navy.

The vessel was always accompanied on the journey by the Portuguese Navy ship and assisted at the pier by local firefighters.