Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in Lagos

Crime was committed on January 8 as a result of a reckoning

A 39-year-old man was arrested today by the Judiciary Police on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of a prohibited weapon: a crime committed on January 8th, in Lagos, as a result of a reckoning.

According to the PJ, the victims went to meet the detainee, after previously agreeing on a place and time, with the aim of buying drugs.

Already at the scene, the suspect, who had a shotgun, fired into the vehicle where the victims were circulating, hitting one of them in the torso, arm and face, "not causing his death by mere chance".

Although seriously injured, the victim managed to leave the scene at the wheel of the vehicle, heading to a hospital unit where he was assisted.

The detainee will be present at the first judicial interrogation for the application of coercive measures.

The Inquiry is headed by the Lagos Public Prosecutor's Office.