Interadministrative contract authorizes Câmara de Lagos to stabilize the cliff of D. Ana beach

The work has an estimated value of €294

The Câmara de Lagos will carry out the “Contract to Stabilize the Cliff at Praia de D. Ana and Restore Access to the Montana Building”, following the establishment of a contract between the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) and the municipality, “under the which the aforementioned public institute authorizes the autarchy to intervene in the protection of the coastline in its place».

The terms of the contract were approved at the most recent meeting of the Chamber, and its objective is to "endow the municipality with legal legitimacy to launch the tender for the execution" of those works.

«This model of technical and institutional cooperation and sharing of resources and knowledge had already been adopted in previous stages of the process, allowing the realization of the geological and geotechnical study of the site and the subsequent elaboration of the execution project, which obtained a favorable opinion from the APA», adds the Municipality.

For the municipality, this is «a crucial decision, as it allows moving forward with the work necessary to stop or, at least, slow down the erosion process on the cliff that dates back to 1997, the year in which the filling of the existing cave near to the west access to the beach and the ruin of part of the promenade».


Graffiti, holes and degradation of the stairs at Praia de D.Ana


Despite the public intervention carried out, which consisted of filling Praia D. Ana, the situation of cliff instability and coastal risk remained, so this new intervention is considered «indispensable and urgent to restore the safety of people and goods in that area Coast".

The intervention program therefore aims, according to the Câmara de Lagos, «to halt the process of instability and continuous rain erosion on the cliffs, qualify accessibility, as well as adopt urgent measures that minimize the negative visual impact of that entire area».

The work has an estimated value of 294 euros (plus VAT), which will be borne entirely by the Municipality, with the intention of submitting a joint application to finance the intervention within the scope of the future community framework.

Meanwhile, the Lagos Council announces that it has already presented to the Ministry of the Environment its willingness to collaborate in the development of studies regarding the Pinhão cliff, “a section that also shows obvious signs of erosion”.