CHUA will demystify Alzheimer's Disease

Session will try to answer several questions raised by the disease

Alzheimer's will be in focus in a session that will take place in the auditorium of the Centro Hospitalar e Universitário do Algarve (CHUA), in Faro, on March 29th, at 15 pm.

The initiative "Saúde em Dia: Let's talk about Alzheimer's Disease", promoted by Espaço Saúde 360º Algarve, in partnership with Alzheimer Portugal - Portuguese Association of Families and Friends of Alzheimer's Patients - Núcleo do Algarve, will seek to "analyze the causes and ways of preventing the disease, addressing its impact on the behavior and quality of life of the patient and family and analyzing the currently existing resources to support these patients and caregivers, in order to alleviate the impact of the pathology».

Edite Reis, Social Educator and Coordinator of the Núcleo do Algarve at Alzheimer Portugal, is the guest speaker who «will demystify the problem and clarify doubts about this pathology, namely the diagnosis, intervention and existing support mechanisms».

Along the way, we will try to answer a few more questions, namely whether «having Alzheimer's is synonymous with loss of total identity and quality of life?», «how to prevent the progression of the disease?», «where to find help to support these patients and their families?” and «what kind of financial support is available for these patients?».

«It is urgent to create answers for people with dementia, especially when in Portugal the number of people with these pathologies exceeds the European trend, which is expected to double by 2050. It is data like these that make us act and want to do more. That's why we develop initiatives like this one, which aim to enlighten patients and their families, and help them find the support they need to improve their quality of life», says Ricardo Valente Santos, psychologist and manager of the Espaço Saúde 360º Algarve project.

In Portugal, it is estimated that 194 people have dementia, of which between 60% and 80% have Alzheimer's. In most cases, this disease manifests itself at age 65, however, and although rare, there are cases that it begins at age 60. It is therefore imperative to make diagnoses and be aware of the main symptoms.

The session "Saúde em Dia: Let's talk about Alzheimer's Disease" is part of the activity "Saúde em Dia", a set of informative sessions that aim to enlighten the Algarve population on important issues related to the health area, through a communication simple and objective, which demystifies some misconceptions.

The initiative is free and open to the general public, upon mandatory registration, which must be done here.