Câmara de Silves awards scholarships to university students in the municipality

Every year, new applications for municipal support are opened

This Friday, the 17th, Silves City Council awarded thirteen scholarships, worth a total of 10 euros, to university students from the municipality who attend the 400/2022 academic year.

The bags were handed over by Luísa Conduto Luís, vice-president of the Chamber, and by councilor Maxime Sousa Bispo.

“Through the attribution of scholarships, the municipality intends not only to support the costs of studying, but also to promote and encourage students from the municipality to continue their studies beyond secondary education”, stressed Luísa Conduto, wishing all students “very personal and professional success”.

The value of this support is defined in the Regulation of Scholarships of the Municipality of Silves, and applications are open every year for the attribution of this support.