Câmara de Silves disagrees with the “More Housing” Programme, but sends contributions to improve it

Measures proposed by the Government are "inadjusted, unequal, abusive and harmful to the public interest in the scope of territorial and urban planning"

Silves City Hall – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Yesterday, March 23, the Municipality of Silves sent its contributions to the public discussion of the “More Housing” Programme, which incorporates a set of measures that aim, according to the Government, to alleviate the constraints of access to housing in the national territory.

The Chamber of Silves, chaired by Rosa Palma (CDU), considers that «the different proposals presented by the Government suffer from a global distancing from the national territorial reality, in particular that of the Algarve and Silves, introducing insecurity and inequality with regard to the dynamics of territorial planning, and translate, simultaneously, into a gross interference in the municipal autonomy, namely in the attributions and competences of the municipalities and in the financing of their pursuit».

The proposed amendments to the Basic Law for Public Policy on Soils, Territory and Urban Planning, the Legal Regime for Territorial Management Instruments, and the Legal Regime for Urbanization and Building, namely with regard to the prior control regime for allotment operations and other urban operations, «cannot accept the agreement of the Municipality of Silves, as they prove to be maladjusted, inequitable, abusive and harmful to the public interest in the scope of territorial organization and urbanism», stresses the autarchy.

Likewise, measures such as the forced leasing of vacant buildings or the extraordinary contribution to local accommodation establishments are, according to the opinion of the Câmara de Silves, «complex to implement, in addition to constituting intrusions disconnected from territorial specificities, without an effective impact on the reinforcement of affordable housing solutions and with a significant potential for increasing conflict and litigation».

Furthermore, the Mais Habitação Program is «much short of expectations in the field of urban rehabilitation, due to the lack of deepening of tax benefits and financial support that serve as an incentive for the recovery of properties without a social function, it does not include fundamental measures to guarantee the right to housing for the general population, nor does it incorporate a cost-benefit assessment of the measures envisaged».

The Municipality of Silves thus expressed "its disagreement with most of the measures of the More Housing Programme, albeit in a constructive and pragmatic way, presenting its contributions to a policy that effectively guarantees everyone's constitutional right to housing".

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