BdP warns of Facebook accounts that cannot grant credit in Portugal

Watch out for loan scams on social media

The Bank of Portugal (BdP) warned today of five accounts on the social network Facebook that are not qualified to grant, intermediate or carry out credit consultancy in Portugal.

In a statement shared on its portal, the BdP notes that the entities that operate through the profiles Celestine Njeuyong, Hendrick Tchibozo, Mariana Abl, Mariana Shenzhen] e ÅNGĘLØ are operating in this area illegally.

“They are not, on this date, nor have they ever been qualified to carry out, in Portugal, any financial activity reserved for institutions subject to the supervision of the Bank of Portugal, namely, the granting, intermediation and consultancy of credit”, explains the BdP in the document.

The BdP also recalled that the list of entities authorized to grant credit is available on its website.