Association defends removal of the aggressor in cases of dating violence

UMAR called attention to the need for the judicial system to guarantee protection for these victims, generally young people

The Union of Alternative and Response Women (UMAR) defended today that there must be protective measures for victims of dating violence and that the legal system removes the aggressor, similarly to what happens in domestic violence.

The Subcommittee for Equality and Non-Discrimination was today listening to representatives of three civil society associations on the subject of dating violence, following a request from the Chega party, with the UMAR representative drawing attention to the need for the system guarantee protection for these victims, usually young people, similarly to what happens to adult victims.

“To this end, the legal system protecting minors must be able to apply protective measures that remove the risk and danger for the young man or woman who is experiencing the problem of dating violence”, defended Ana Leonor Marciano, the organization's lawyer.

He warned, on the other hand, that, in the case of dating violence, the aggressors are also young minors and that if they are under 16 years old, they are not responsible from a legal and criminal point of view.