Alcoutim donates 3 euros to CHUA for the Ophthalmology Reference Center

Ophthalmology Reference Center will be funded by the 16 municipalities in the region

The Municipality of Alcoutim will support the Centro Hospitalar e Universitário do Algarve (CHUA), with a donation of 3 thousand euros, to carry out the “CHUA Ophthalmology Reference Center – Terras do Infante Hospital”.

In a note, the Alcoutim Council recalls that waiting lists in the area of ​​ophthalmology are one of the biggest problems in the Algarve region, «there are currently around 10.800 patients on the waiting list for consultation and 1.650 patients awaiting surgery».

"Despite the efforts of the Faro and Portimão, it has not been possible to significantly reduce these numbers, and the number of users waiting for the resolution of their ophthalmological situation is very worrying», says the municipality.

Thus, the Board of Directors of CHUA assumed as a strategic objective the implementation of a reference area of ​​ophthalmology at the Hospital das Terras do Infante, in Lagos, with a team of ophthalmologists, nurses, orthoptic technicians, administrative staff and operational assistants. dedicated exclusively to the area.

In addition to human resources, the Hospital will also be equipped with specialized equipment that will allow 9.500 consultations and 2.500 to 2.800 surgeries to be carried out annually, predicts the CHUA.

«The Ophthalmology Reference Center will be funded by the 16 municipalities in the region», says the mayor Osvaldo Gonçalves. «This strategic option translates into a solution to existing problems. In a relatively short time, the elimination of waiting times and the considerable reinforcement of excellent eye care in the Algarve are foreseen», concludes the mayor.