Alcoutim supports Cumeadas with 28 thousand euros

The support was approved at a meeting on the 22nd of March

The Alcoutim Council will support, with 28 thousand euros, the Cumeadas Association – Association of Forestry Owners of Cumeadas do Baixo Guadiana. 

The support was approved at a meeting on the 22nd of March.

«This deliberation took into account a document of the same content, signed in February 2016, whose result was quite positive in terms of protecting citizens and territory, namely in inter-institutional relations with a view to promoting forests in the region», says the Chamber of Deputies. Alcoutim.

According to the municipality, the «protocol aims to boost teamwork in the various areas in which the association provides services, in order to improve and value all the rural community, namely with the development of awareness actions among the population, as well as collaboration in the organization of days and events».

It is also intended to support the active operation of the Sapadores Florestais team, whose competences include the development of preventive forestry actions, fire surveillance actions and combat support (first intervention, aftermath actions and surveillance after the aftermath).