Tourism in «Algarve will be even stronger with a more valued interior»

More than intentions, «actions» are needed to invest in tourism in the interior of the Algarve

Tourism in the countryside – Photo: Flávio Costa | Sul Informação

The phrase was repeated more than once by Nuno Fazenda. In the opinion of the Secretary of State for Tourism, the Algarve will be «even stronger» in this sector, which already has so much weight in the region's economy, «with a more valued interior». To this end, he guaranteed, there will be a «set of support» for projects «to enhance tourism in the interior». 

The official was present at the conference “Tourism in the Algarve and in the interior Algarve” which took place on the morning of this Wednesday, February 15, at the Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation, in Querença (Loulé).

One of the objectives was to hear contributions and ideas for the future Agenda for Inland Tourism that «is under construction».

For Nuno Fazenda, having more tourism in the interior of the Algarve «means having more diversity, more authenticity, more sustainability and also more value».



The topic is not new – in recent years, a series of projects have been created, such as the commitment to cycling & walking, but the numbers don't lie either: 90% of tourist demand in the Algarve is on the coast, according to figures presented by the official.

Vítor Aleixo, mayor of Loulé, was one of the speakers and even defended that, in many places, the Algarve coast is «reaching the limit of what is possible».

Despite not saying whether or not he agrees with this statement, Nuno Fazenda assumed that the «preservation and enhancement of our tourist resources, which are natural and cultural, must be ensured».

"Guaranteeing this preservation is essential, also on the coast," he added.

But this was, above all, a conference to talk about the interior. Therefore, the Secretary of State heard various contributions from entities, associations and people linked to tourism away from the coast.

These were the cases of Susana Calado Martins, chairman of the Board of Directors of QRER – Cooperative for the Development of Low Density Territories, and João Ministro, director of Proactive Tour, a tourist company dedicated to hiking in the interior of the Algarve.



João Ministro, for example, defended that the interior is «fundamental» for Algarve tourism, but that it is only possible to explore this segment, «working with the locals»

Susana Calado Martins, in turn, spoke about the difficulties faced by people trying to settle in the interior, namely in terms of mobile and internet networks.

On the part of the Secretary of State, there was a promise that the interior will receive special attention from the Government. It is like?

«It is planned to launch a set of supports that allow supporting projects and tourist enhancement of assets in the interior: such as networks of routes, cycle paths, cycle paths or pedestrian paths», he guaranteed.

According to Nuno Fazenda, «everything that is touristic projects that can pull through the interior are susceptible of support lines that we are supporting».

In addition, the official said that the Secretary of State is working "on a campaign to promote tourism in the interior at national level, but also regionally, where there will be space for specific approaches to the promotion of territories and tourism products in the interior".

One of the morning panels was also attended by leaders of the main Algarve associations linked to tourism, such as AHETA and AIHSA, where Hélder Martins, leader of AHETA, left one of the strong ideas.

More than intentions, «actions» are needed to invest in tourism in the interior of the Algarve.


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