Land and properties for trade and services will be able to be used for housing without changing the license

The change, according to the prime minister, can be made “without the need to change any land use plan or license for use”

Store closed in the process of being transformed into housing – Photo: Ateliê Oitoo (DR)

Land or properties authorized for commerce and services will be able to be used for construction or converted into housing without changing land use plans or licenses for use, the Government announced today.

In a press conference after the Council of Ministers meeting, at Palácio da Ajuda, in Lisbon, the prime minister presented the five main axes of a program called Mais Habitação, one of which is related to increasing the supply of properties used for housing purposes. housing.

In this context, António Costa highlighted the possibility that “land classified for use for commercial or service purposes can be used for the construction of housing” and that “properties that are licensed for commercial activities or services can be converted into housing”.

The change, according to the prime minister, can be made “without the need to change any land use plan or license for use”.

In a Council of Ministers dedicated exclusively to the housing sector, António Costa also announced that the State will make available “land or buildings to, under a housing development contract, be transferred to cooperatives or to the private sector to develop housing at affordable costs” .

Still in the first axis of the program approved today, the Government will launch two tenders specifically for modular construction, a technique that the Prime Minister highlighted as “innovative” in the construction sector and that “allows to significantly shorten construction deadlines, while at the same time makes a significant contribution to improving energy efficiency”.

As examples of land for modular construction, António Costa pointed to Quinta do Viso, in Porto, with around 70 dwellings, and another at Quinta da Alfarrobeira, in Lisbon, with around 350 dwellings.

The other four axes of the Mais Habitação program, which will be up for public discussion for a month, are: simplifying licensing processes, increasing the number of houses on the rental market, combating speculation and protecting families.

After public discussion, some of the measures will return to the Council of Ministers for final approval and others will enter the Assembly of the Republic, explained António Costa.


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