STOP union extends strike notice until March 10

A situation that the union coordinator says is in the hands of the strike commissions

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues| Sul Informação

The Union of All Education Professionals (STOP) extended the strike notice until March 10, a situation that the union coordinator says is in the hands of the strike committees.

«We have a mandate to strike for an indefinite period and we are complying with all the legal requirements to maintain this strike, despite the minimum services», the STOP coordinator, André Pestana, told Lusa, stressing: «At any time, if that is the decision of those who work in schools, we cancel in a minute».

The official also explained that to cancel a strike notice, it is enough to "send an email to the responsible entities saying that it is cancelled"

«But to book we have to comply with a certain number of days in advance», he justified.

«Today we are going to have a meeting with hundreds of union and strike committees and, at any time, if these committees are willing to stop this strike, either because the Ministry has given in to something that teachers and non-teachers consider sufficient, or for any other reason, we cancel», he said.

André Pestana stressed that this strike "for an indefinite period" is the result of a poll in which "thousands of colleagues" participated, carried out at the end of November, and guaranteed that STOP, "responsibly, wants the strike to remain legal".

The strike was called by the union in December and, in January, other strikes promoted by other union structures began, which were accompanied by strong protests and demonstrations.

At the end of last week, the Arbitration Court again defined new minimum services, which now also guarantee three hours of classes in schools.

At the beginning of the school year, the tutelage decided to initiate a negotiation process to review the model for hiring and placing teachers, but some proposals left teachers angry, as was the case with the possibility of directors being able to choose part of their team.

Since then, negotiations between unions and the ministry have taken place in an environment of strong opposition, with teachers carrying out strikes and demonstrations.

Outside the negotiating agenda, there are claims that professors say they will not abandon, such as the recovery of service time or career advancements.