Silves is already the orange capital of the Algarve for three days

Until Sunday, there's a lot to taste, taste, do, see and hear on the banks of the Arade River


The 7th Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja started this morning, with lots of music and animation, and will run until Sunday, February 12th, next to Fissul, in the riverside area of ​​the city. Citrus fruits (fresh, in juice, sweets, liqueurs and many other forms) are the kings of the event, where there are also producers of wine, regional sweets and liqueurs, varied handicrafts, as well as music, lots of music.

In terms of shows, tonight the portentous voice of Sara Correia takes the stage, while on Saturday, the 11th, it will be José Cid's turn, and, closing, on Sunday, the 12th, the music will be in charge of Mimo's Orchestral Experience with the Silvense Philharmonic Society Band.

In the streets of the event, there is much more entertainment available, either with the one man show, either with the Band, or with other surprises that appear there. One of the attractions is Nelson Ramos who, chainsaw in hand, is creating sculptures from large wooden trunks.

Nelson Ramos makes all his sculptures spontaneously, letting the wood guide him to the final result. It was like that in nativity scene that, for years, he created in Monchique, and it's happening here in Silves. Incidentally, not even the vice-president of the Chamber, who led the opening visit this Friday morning, did the artist want to reveal what he was sculpting.

The inauguration began, under a cold wind, with the warm and cheerful performance of the Senior Sports class from the municipality of Silves. After cutting the ribbon, Luísa Conduto Luís, vice-president of the municipality, led a detailed tour of the entire event. The group was followed by the ladies from the Lifelong Education Centers, who displayed beautiful and creative umbrellas decorated with colorful crochet, which paid homage to oranges.

Luísa Conduto Luís stressed that the Orange Show serves to «dignify and enhance our municipality and our region», challenging everyone to taste «our orange, which is the best in the world, for sure!».

Until Sunday, everyone will be able to see that even in the event, which has free admission and offers many and diversified opportunities.


Photos de Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação


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