PSD criticizes lack of investment in basic services in Portimão

«There is a huge distance between the real problems of the population of Portimão and their political leaders», defends party

The councilors elected by the PSD, Ana Fazenda and Rui André, consider that the works carried out by the municipality of Portimão in the parish of Mexilhoeira Grande with the repaving of some sections of the road network «are little more than a painting of these roads» and, therefore, constitute «a missed opportunity since it does not provide for intervention at the level of other infrastructures as expected». 

These local elected representatives thus criticize that the Chamber should replace some water supply pipes given that «they are quite degraded and many of them are even made of material that is no longer used throughout the country».

«The little information about the possible degradation and the consequent greater exposure to ruptures in these infrastructures, leads the Social Democratic Party to an attitude of perplexity due to the lack of interest shown by the Municipality regarding the need for intervention in this type of works that, although they are intertwined and generate few votes, constitute a concern for the population that has been presenting complaints about the quality of this service in recent years», says the party.

Those elected by the PSD consider it equally regrettable that no intervention is made at the level of infrastructure related to rainwater.

This party also considers that «a responsible and strategic vision regarding the problems and the future required a paradigm shift in the Portimão Chamber, which only seems to be possible with the change of its main political actors».