PSD: Cristóvão Norte censors «barbaric and inhuman aggression» in Olhão

Leader of the Algarve Social Democrats also hailed "the prompt action and indignant repudiation of Mr. President"

Cristóvão Norte, president of PSD Algarve, today repudiated, in a statement, “the vile, barbaric and degrading aggression against a foreign citizen in Olhão”, referring to the case of the young Nepalese immigrant who was robbed and beaten.

According to Cristóvão Norte, “this aggression, like the fire in Lisbon or the near-slavery regime in Odemira, uncovers a cruel reality, marked by inhumanity and expressions of xenophobia that must be denounced and punished. We have to treat others with the same dignity we want them to treat us”.

The same official warned, however, that «it is clear that we have to have a responsible immigration policy, which integrates well and provides work and good living conditions and not a disorderly policy, often dominated by human trafficking networks and criminality serious. The State cannot continue to pretend”.

Finally, the president of the Algarve Social Democrats welcomed «the prompt action and indignant repudiation of Mr. President".

In fact, President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, in addition to immediately publishing a note on the Presidency's website repudiating the aggression, went to Olhão today, to speak with the secondary school students and visit the young Nepalese immigrant, apologizing to him.