Olhão: Man arrested with cocaine and two firearms at home

The man also had a saber, a bow with four hunting-tipped arrows, a machete and a pair of rattles.

A 46-year-old man was arrested this Monday, February 6, for drug trafficking and prohibited possession of two firearms, in Olhão. 

According to the PSP, «the search of the suspect's residence resulted in the seizure of 25 doses of cocaine» and «various material related to the preparation of a narcotic product».

Added to this is 200 euros and several prohibited weapons: a saber, a converted firearm, a firearm manufactured without authorization, a starter gun, a crossbow, a bow with four arrows with a hunting tip, a machete, a pair of nunchucks, two 6.35mm ammunition and one 8mm ammunition knall.

The transformed firearm and the firearm manufactured without authorization are class A weapons, which means that the man has also committed a «crime of possessing a prohibited weapon».