Loulé delivers electric vehicles to the Health Center to improve support to the population

Vehicles will be used in consultations at home and by the Integrated Continuing Care network, among others.

Yesterday, Friday, the Loulé City Council delivered three electric vehicles to the Loulé Health Centre, «which will contribute to providing more effective and closer responses to the community in terms of health care, reinforcing support services to the population most vulnerable», according to the municipality.

These light vehicles are intended for Continuing Integrated Care, home consultations, community health, public health, school health, as well as health promotion campaigns and other citizen care.

The transfer of competencies in the health area to the Municipality of Loulé was formalized on January 1, 2021.

«Participation in the planning, management and carrying out of investments related to new primary health care provision units, namely in their construction, equipment and maintenance, and the management, maintenance and conservation of other equipment related to primary health care now make part of the municipality's tasks for the sector», sums up the Loulé Council.