Loulé creates 22 shelters for rubbish bins on the EN125

Shelters aim to reinforce security for the population that deposits garbage

On the EN125, in the section between the Quatro Estradas and Maritenda roundabout (south side), there are now 22 shelters for unsorted urban waste containers. The installation of these containers, carried out by the Municipality of Loulé, intends to reinforce security for the population that comes to deposit their waste.

«Known for its high road traffic and accidents, the EN125 often represents a danger because it does not present safety conditions when crossing pedestrians», says the municipality, which, aware of the difficulties identified by the population for the disposal of waste, submitted to the Portugal the proposal to build shelters on the south side to expand the network of disposal equipment, which was accepted.

Thus, the construction of shelters was carried out to house the containers for depositing undifferentiated waste in this section, which have already been installed in the defined places. These are 1000-litre PVC four-wheel surface containers, with a pedal to facilitate the disposal of waste by domestic users.

The construction of shelters and installation of containers allows the signaling of disposal points, properly identifying the locations, improving health and hygiene conditions, as well as safety for users and operators, translating into a benefit for the population.