Exploitation of the snack bar of Antiga Lota de Portimão is at public auction

In the building that underwent recent restoration work, located on the riverside area of ​​the city, next to Ponte Velha do Arade

The Portimão City Council has opened a tender for the public auction for the temporary assignment of running the snack bar at Antiga Lota, located on the riverside of the city, next to Ponte Velha do Arade.

Interested parties may consult the respective process, available at municipal portal by clicking here, with the proposals having to be received by the municipal services by 14 pm on the 30th of March next.

The public act of the tender and the respective bidding will take place at 10:00 am the following day, March 9, and will take place in the building of the Town Hall of Portimão.

The future snack bar is aimed at the general population and visitors and passers-by in this privileged area of ​​the city, enhancing the enjoyment of the surroundings of Antiga Lota and promoting the gastronomic heritage of the region and its connection with the Mediterranean diet and culture.

Target of a recent major intervention, the Antiga Lota de Portimão opened its doors as a dynamic and versatile space in April last year, being able to host cultural projects, festivities, celebrations and events linked to local and regional traditions, through a strong investment by the council in around 960 thousand euros.

Despite maintaining the property's original design, the roof was replaced and the walls of the entire structure were reinforced, which on the ground floor now houses the Tourist Office, also having a large multipurpose room. where some events have already taken place, such as exhibitions and public sessions.