Commission reveals sexual abuse by 2 members of the clergy to 3 children in the Algarve

Sul Informação had access to the report of the Independent Commission for the Study of Sexual Abuse of Children in the Catholic Church

Three victims, two of whom suffered their first abuse in the Algarve, and two abusers, both members of the clergy. These are some of the data relating to the Algarve contained in the report by the Independent Commission for the Study of Sexual Abuse of Children in the Catholic Church, to which the Sul Informação had access.

The commission validated 512 testimonies from victims across the country, eight of whom currently live in the district of Faro: four in Faro, three in Albufeira and one in Loulé.

The analysis by diocese contained in the report points to three victims and two abusers in the Algarve. In this case, both perpetrators are members of the clergy.

The report also gives an account of the geographic distribution of the occurrence of the first abuse. Here, two cases are pointed out in the Algarve, one in Faro and the other in Lagoa.

These numbers are just an estimate. A Nacional level, the 512 validated testimonies relate to a minimum of 4.815 victims, as revealed by child psychiatrist Pedro Strecht, the commission's coordinator, at a press conference held yesterday in Lisbon.

The same official announced that, of these 512 validated testimonies, 25 cases were sent by the Commission to the Public Ministry.

The commission, which began collecting testimonies on January 11, 2022, presented the report of a year of work and which focused on the period since 1950.

In addition to Pedro Strecht, the independent commission is made up of psychiatrist Daniel Sampaio, former Minister of Justice and retired judge Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio, sociologist and researcher Ana Nunes de Almeida, social worker and family therapist Filipa Tavares and filmmaker Catarina Vasconcelos .



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