SNS User Commission promotes rally against closure of Portimão maternity

«Now, being born in Portimão has a date set», denounces the movement

The SNS Users Commission (National Health Service) will promote, on Thursday 9th February, at 18h, another concentration/vigil next to the hospital in Portimão.

This initiative comes after the executive board of the National Health Service announced the operation "Born Safely on the SNS 2023", which provides for closures of maternity hospitals, namely the one in Portimão.

Because, as announced, the gynecology and obstetrics emergency service and the birth ward of the Portimão hospital will be closed at the weekend, every 15 days, until the end of March, which means, stresses the Commission of Users, that «between January and March, the maternity hospital will close for 15 days».

«Now, birth in Portimão has a date set», denounces the movement.

«This Committee has already held vigils/concentrations at the door of this hospital in defense of Maternity and will take the necessary steps to prevent its closure», he assures.

«At the time when it was Hospital do Barlavento Algarvio», it received «fame and awards» for being a «baby-friendly hospital and for the conditions it had in these valences».

But «today, due to the underfunding of the SNS, the gynecology and obstetrics emergencies are closed, and the maternity hospitals with the slogan “born safely in the SNS”», stresses the User Commission.

In his opinion, «there is a setback in the health services provided at Hospital de Portimão, a hospital integrated in the SNS».

Now, they conclude, “users are not in favor of this setback and will fight for this not to happen”.