camera of Faro starts to manage beaches and boarding pier for the Farole da Deserta

House licenses Farol continue to be managed by the Administration of the Ports of Sines and the Algarve

The Chamber of Faro became responsible for managing the beach areas on the islands of Farole Deserta (Barreta), as well as its berths, under an agreement signed on Friday with the Sines and Algarve Port Administration (APS), which does not include, at least for the time being, the passage for the autarchy of the management of existing houses in the core of the Farol.

With the signing of the term of delivery of management and transfer of competences, the municipality succeeds APS as the licensing entity of the existing commercial occupations in the two beach areas, integrated in the public water domain, and as the managing entity of the quays and docking infrastructures.

«On the other hand, APS retains responsibility for managing the maintenance of the West and East protection breakwaters of Barra de Faro», according to the Chamber of Faro.

Also under the management and jurisdiction of the APS are «the licenses of the existing dwellings in the nucleus of the Farol of Ilha da Culatra", which will only be transferred to the municipality "after completion of the work carried out within the framework of a working group to be created by the Ministry of Infrastructure".

Once it was identified «the need to carry out some improvement interventions in the passenger pier of the nucleus of the Farol of Ilha da Culatra», the Administration of the Ports of Sines and the Algarve undertook to carry out interventions in this infrastructure, namely «new improvement of the side stairs, new improvement of handrails/guardrails, increase of the luminous intensity of the lampposts and regularization of the concrete floor at the top of the quay».

These interventions should be carried out "until the end of May 2023", the same deadline that the APS points out to complete "an intervention to recover the structure of the pier", to correct existing damage to the access walkway to the pier, on the land side.

On the other hand, APS also undertakes to build a new pier in the heart of the Farol of Ilha da Culatra within the scope of the rehabilitation works on the breakwaters, «which, after the end of the works, will be available to replace the current construction wharf that is used by Fagar for the collection of solid urban waste». This work should start in October and is expected to be finished by the end of 2025.

Rogério Bacalhau says that this assumption of competences «will allow, in the future, a closer management of these areas integrated in the public water domain of the State, and thus, the maintenance and improvement of the infrastructures and public space in these excellent bathing areas of our county ».