Work contract signed to rehouse 49 families in Praia de Faro

Work will cost around 5 million euros

The contract for the work that will make it possible to build fifty houses to relocate residents in Praia de Faro was signed on the 2nd of February and «represents a long-awaited advance in the construction of a housing complex that will have an impact on the lives of 49 families in the municipality», according to Rogério Bacalhau, mayor.

The signing of the contract took place following the approval at the Board Meeting of the award of this contract, that happened just under a month ago.

Families will be relocated under a supported lease supported by the Municipality.

The work, which will cost around 5 million euros, has an execution period of 730 days and has the support of the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU), under the 1st Law Programme, with funding from the Recovery Programme. and Resilience (PRR).

The signing of these contracts with the IHRU took place in Faro, in June 2022, with the tender subsequently running, which made it possible to award the contract.

In addition to this work, the Chamber of Faro hopes «that the various applications made by the Municipality for funding from the PRR within the scope of the Local Housing Strategy of the Municipality may have an impact on more than 350 families, between supported renting and sales at controlled costs», according to Rogério Bacalhau.

The mayor highlights, among the new projects envisaged within the scope of the review of the Local Housing Strategy, which is ongoing, "about 270 new dwellings for sale at controlled costs in Estoi".