AAUAlg delivers 27 scholarships to «provide the best attendance of Higher Education»

Associação Académica intends to continue with scholarships this academic year

«Providing the best attendance of Higher Education to students of the largest Academy in the South of the Tagus, is at the top of our priorities». These were the words of Fábio Zacarias, president of the Academic Association of the University of the Algarve (AAUAlg) during the award ceremony of the 27 scholarships, which took place on the 17th of February. 

The ceremony took place in the Great Auditorium of the University of Algarve, and was also attended by the vice-president of the Municipality of Castro Marim, the only Municipality to participate in the granting of scholarships, and the Rector Paulo Águas.

«It is an honor for Castro Marim to be at the side of this project [...] we consider in the Municipality that the University of the Algarve is one of the best investments of the last 40 years», said vice-president Filomena Sintra.

Paulo Águas also took the opportunity to congratulate Associação Académica for its initiative.

«Resubmitting the proposal to the Intermunicipal Assembly of the Algarve, as it is not just a subsidy but a strategy that includes a vision for our region» is, according to Fábio Zacarias, one of the objectives of this mandate.

«Académica is present, it will always defend your (the students’) interests and ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to achieve your goals», he concluded.