Court of Appeal of Évora confirms that beach in Armação de Pêra is Public Domain

Case that opposes a company from the Vila Vita group to Câmara de Silves knows yet another episode

Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

The Municipality of Silves welcomed today, in a statement, the decision of the Court of Appeal of Évora, dated 12 January, which «confirmed, once again, following its previous judgment of 10 November 2022, that Praia dos Pescadores in Armação de Pêra belongs to the public domain».

That decision, "consequently, upholds the judgment of the Court of Portimão, delivered on 01 August 2022, which annulled the embargo that “Praia da Cova – Realizações Turísticas, SA”, a company linked to the “Vila Vita Parc” group, carried out, in May 2022, on the work that was being carried out by the Municipality of Silves, in the corridor of fishing at Praia dos Pescadores, which consists of installing a shelter for the tractor offered by the municipality of Silvense to the local fishing community».

This most recent decision follows a request for reform of the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Évora of 10 November 2022, presented by the appellant “Praia da Cova, SA”, with the purpose of having Praia dos Pescadores recognized as being his private property, which was judged totally unfounded.

«This is, therefore, the third judicial decision, within the scope of the precautionary measure instituted by “Praia da Cova, SA”, against the Municipality of Silves, which supports the municipality, by affirming the public, not private character , from Praia dos Pescadores in Armação de Pêra», points out the city council.

Praia dos Pescadores de Armação de Pêra, which «is the cradle and roots of this fishing village, where the fishing corridor and more than 40 fishing facilities are located of the Red Cross and several commercial establishments and concessions, has always been part of the public domain of the State, and what depends on the Municipality of Silves, it will continue to be», adds the autarchy.

If “Praia da Cova, SA” «respects the court decisions handed down, the conditions for the conclusion of the work of the shelter for the new tractor worth 95 thousand euros, offered by the Municipality of Silves to the Association of Fishermen of Armação de Pêra», says the Chamber in its communiqué.

This investment is part of the ongoing process aimed at creating a protected marine area of ​​community interest that focuses on Armação de Pêra bay, the future Marine Natural Park of Recife in the Algarve – Pedra do Valado.