Giant almond pie, tours and workshops: the XNUMXnd Almond Blossom Festival returns

The organization of the event is made up of more than 100 volunteers, with emphasis on the elderly residing in the locality.

Workshops, tours, shows and even a giant almond pie. The program of the II Festival of Almond Trees in Blossom, which takes place from the 3rd to the 5th of February, in Alta Mora (Castro Marim), is already closed. 

The initiatives will take place from 11:00 am to 18:00 pm.

The inaugural session takes place on February 3rd and features several invited institutional entities, the participation of schools, traditional street entertainment and the inauguration of the photographic exhibition «Passeio Fotografo da Esperança – Incendio 2021» by Associação ¼ Escuro.

There will also be thematic workshops: bread, basketry and almond tree planting that require free registration, but mandatory here

During the entire event, there will be four tours: three short routes (between 5 and 11 kilometres) that take place every day at 9 am.

On the last day of the event, February 5th, there will be an additional tour, “The Great Route of Almond Blossoms”, a 25 kilometer route.

In music, there will be a tribute to the accordion with «António Manuel and Ernesto Batista» and «Silvino Campos»; popular music with «Raiz Lusa», the Ethnographic Group «Amendoeiras em Flor» and «Rancho Folclórica do Azinhal», Cornish sounds and dances with «Davey&Dyer», the viola campaniça with «O Gajo» and fado from Beira with the innovative «Bicho Carpenteiro».

According to the Associação Recreativa, Cultural e Desportiva dos Amigos da Alta Mora (ARCDAA), in the performing arts, the «exaltation of Portuguese folklore with Sofia Pimentão; the «Bando dos Quatro», the recreation of the famous «legend of the almond trees in blossom» by the Satori Association and the show «Let's Save the Dragon» by the CCD of Castro Marim. In children's dance, and representing the territory, the «Arutla» from Clube Recreativo Alturense».

The 41-metre giant almond pie will also return, with the presence of Head Márcio Baltazar and the collaboration of the VRSA Hotel and Tourism School.

Added to this is “a wider street market, taverns, the “craftsman's village”, with more than thirty artisans recreating the crafts of the rural world. Finally, a space dedicated to agriculture and forestry».

With the little ones in mind, children's entertainment, face painting, traditional games, farm animals and living statues are ongoing throughout the festival. Entrance is free for children up to 11 years old and 3 euros for adults.

The Festival is organized by the Associação Recreativa, Cultural e Desportiva dos Amigos da Alta Mora (ARCDAA) with the partnership and support of the Municipality of Castro Marim and the Parish Council of Odeleite.

The organization is made up of more than 100 volunteers, with emphasis on the elderly residents of the locality, who during this month live intensely and proudly the assembly of the event. The initiative emerged following the success of the pedestrian walks «Amendoeiras em Flor» since 2005. In 2020, the 1st edition of the Festival appears, with the support of “365 Algarve”.