Taviraverde calls on everyone to help create a “Clean Council”

The objective is to pass «simple messages and elucidating images»

“Clean Council” is the name – and the objective – of a new awareness campaign by the municipal company Taviraverde alluding to urban cleaning and the fight against illegal waste disposal.

According to Taviraverde, «this campaign aims to sensitize the population to take conscious actions and to do their part in maintaining the state of cleanliness of the county's streets, a contribution that is essential for our county to be more pleasant every day».

«Our urban cleaning and waste collection services are faced with illegal waste disposal on public roads on a daily basis, whether next to containers in the heart of the urban center or in isolated places, with the disposal of domestic waste in bins instead of containers, with butts on the sidewalks, with animal waste in the garden spaces, with garbage dumped indiscriminately on the ground», he adds.

The aim is to convey «simple messages and clarifying images» and «raise the population's awareness of the impact of these situations, which increase the risk of unhealthy conditions and the spread of pests and diseases, degrade the environment and the quality of life of all of us and that affect seriously damage the county's image".