Silves: Elaboration of the Detailed Plan for Vales de Algoz will move forward

Planning contract to restart the elaboration of the Detailed Plan was signed yesterday, January 18th

The planning contract for restarting the preparation of the Detailed Plan for Vales de Algoz, in the municipality of Silves, was signed yesterday, January 18th, and will allow for the expansion of the space for economic activities in Vales de Algoz – «a lever for the enhancement of the economic and social dynamism of the agglomeration and the municipality, through the creation of jobs, the reinforcement of local attractiveness and the fixation of the population», says the municipality. 

According to the Municipality, the plan will also make it possible to «enable the continuity of an area of ​​economic activities, at the moment already with some bottlenecks, and with competitive advantages by gaining scale, taking advantage of opportunity economies, by responding to a growing market and which needs to be strengthened to withstand less positive moments in the economic situation, optimize the investment made, by consolidating areas adjacent to the existing perimeter, and valuing the existing infrastructures and reinforcing its sustainability and also enhancing the location of this area, located close to the IC1, to the A2, the A22 and the rail network'.

Like other plans that have already been contracted (such as the Detailed Plan for the Feitoria Fenícia, in the parish of Silves, and the Detailed Plan for Ribeiro Meirinho, in São Bartolomeu de Messines), this plan constitutes another step in the in order to implement the territorial development strategy for the municipality defined by the Municipality and which advocates a commitment to a public policy to promote the dynamism and diversification of economic activity, namely encouraging the installation of economic activities, in particular in areas of the interior of the municipality, in complement with existing urban spaces and always in line with the municipal strategy and the legal framework.