Praia da Rocha already has free wi-fi

The antennas installed are part of “Portimão free wi-fi”

Praia da Rocha already has Wi-Fi free of charge, as part of the video surveillance project for this area. 

In a press release, the Câmara de Portimão says that «it took advantage of the infrastructures that were installed in the main arteries of this tourist resort, namely the poles for fixing the cameras, for the installation of more wi-fi antennas, which will allow free access to the internet to anyone in the area".

The antennas installed are part of “Portimão free wi-fi”, a project by the municipality that aims to promote free Internet access in public spaces in the municipality.

In the case of Praia da Rocha, it is the intention of the Council «that access is also made available along the 2 kilometers of the wooden walkway that runs through this seaside resort, next to the beach, and the procedures for this purpose are ongoing».

This project was developed within the scope of the Smart Cities of Portimão and enshrines the expansion of the Municipality's own communications network, not only with regard to fiber optics (already 50 kilometres), but also in terms of creating electrical infrastructure and supplying poles for fixing cameras, in addition to antennae wi-fi, which will allow the free access of the population to the Internet.