Portugal 2030 advances funds to Algarvian Councils for works in health units

Applications are open until May 2th

Algarve municipalities will now be able to apply for Portugal 2030 funds, which will be made available in advance, to finance investments in primary care health units, such as Health Centres, which could amount to 4,8 million euros .

The Algarve Regional Program Management Authority – CRESC Algarve 2020 has just launched a new call for applications (AAC) under the Portugal 2030 Partnership Agreement, the first in the health area, after in December it issued a similar warning, related to education.

In the case of health, “the amount of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) available for these interventions is three million euros. The co-payment rate for the approved operations will be 60%, allowing for a set of investments in excess of 4,8 million euros, and applications can be submitted until the 2nd of May», according to the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development (CCDR) of the Algarve.

«This notice is published under the Extraordinary Anticipation Mechanism of Portugal 2030, especially dedicated to candidacies for policy measures with a relevant impact on improving social and territorial cohesion and competitiveness, under the terms of the normative regime in force in Portugal 2020» , for subsequent integration into the next community support framework, explains the same entity.

The early availability of these funds is also related to the fact that the Government has assumed «the commitment to create financial support programs for investment operations in primary health care units».

«The intention is to fill in the territorial disparities that still exist in terms of access and quality of care in the public health network, implementing the reform of primary and proximity Health Care (through the reorganization of Health Centers into Functional Units), with a view to equity in access and quality in the services provided», adds the Algarve CCDR.

«To ensure strict separation in the eligibility of European funds, which under the terms of community regulations and the applicable Programs, applications submitted under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) are not eligible in the Algarve 2030 Regional Program», warns the entity which manages European funds for the Algarve region.