Natural routes through Portimão return in February

Until June, one tour per month will be promoted in diverse natural spaces in the municipality of Portimão

In February, the Municipality of Portimão resumes tours through the territory of the municipality, with the aim of publicizing the natural heritage, raising awareness of the importance of valuing and preserving these resources.

The first tour is scheduled for the morning of February 11th, with a meeting point at 9:30 am in Praia do Vau, challenging nature lovers to travel along the rocky coast of Portimão. The circular route will run along the top of the cliffs, with an approximate duration of two hours, and will be guided by technicians from the Municipality of Portimão, for about 5 kilometers (km).

In March, on the 11th, the route will be through the Biological Station of Alvor, which runs along the steep banks of the Ria de Alvor, focusing on pollinating insects and their relationship with plants. The meeting point is scheduled for 9 am next to the pool at the Alvor Sports Complex.

On the 1st of April, International Bird Day, from 9 am, the tour will take place around the marshes of the “A Rocha Delicada” trail, in the Ria de Alvor, parish of Mexilhoeira Grande, with the birds that use this important area as protagonists. wetland as a feeding and resting place.



On the 6th of May there is a linear walk of 12 km between Moinho da Rocha and the Mexilhoeira Grande CP Station, a route that coincides with part of the route that connects Mexilhoeira Grande to Via Algarviana, already in Monchique. The meeting point is the CP station of
Big Mexilhoeira at 9:00 am.

Finally, on the 21st of June, coinciding with the summer equinox, with a meeting point scheduled for 18 pm next to the Municipal Pool of Alvor, the “Ao Sabor da Maré” route will take place, which crosses the dune system of Alvor.

Registration for the tours is free, although limited to 25 participants, and can be done a week before each tour by contacting the Environment Division of the Portimão City Council, via telephone 282 470 700 or 282 480 412 e-mail daes