São Brás de Alportel budget «ignores» the need to attract investment, accuses PSD

The opposition party accuses the PS executive of wasting the council's potential

The Municipal Budget for 2023 for São Brás de Alportel «completely ignores the need for the municipality to become more attractive for investment», accused the local PSD.

In an analysis of the document, which the City Council says is very focused on supporting families and companies, as well as housing, the Social Democrats consider that the PS executive is not taking advantage of the municipality's «conditions and potentialities» «to be a reference in regional and even national terms».

São Brás de Alportel, they defend, «has people, has flavors, has knowledge, has quality of life and has a central geographic location, close to the coast and the most important infrastructures in the region, such as the airport and the university, but sufficiently removed to guarantee the quality of life of those who live here».

«However, whoever manages the county's destinations has not been able to enhance all these qualities. From the analysis of the municipal budget for 2023, we find, once again, that the socialist executive is wasting the opportunity to present an effective investment and development strategy», criticizes the PSD.

The way forward, says the opposition party, is one that «can lead the council towards greater levels of economic and social progress, more jobs and better opportunities for São Paulo residents. A thoughtful strategy that: stimulates and reinforces tourist activity, through the qualification and enhancement of the natural resources existing in the county; that promotes population settlement; that supports rural development and reverses the progressive depopulation we have been witnessing in some rural areas; that encourages cultural promotion and urban regeneration; and that can address the various needs at a social level».

The PSD also says that this budget, in which the executive lists «131 major priorities», has «only 7 novelties» and that the remaining 124 proposals are «transcriptions of previous documents».

«It is thus verified that, nothing concrete and relevant, appears in this budget that makes it possible to: boost economic activity; reinforce the municipality's attractiveness in terms of tourism, in order to sustain the offer of current and future accommodation and other hotel units; betting on employment and innovation through, for example, the establishment of partnerships; or attract more investment and make the local economy more competitive», conclude the social democrats.