Monchique gives new life to the Urban Park with a MTB Centre, paddle tennis and an amphitheater

The works have a total cost of around 600 thousand euros

«Invigorate and give a new life» to the Urban Park of Vila de Monchique is the objective of a project by the City Council that foresees the construction of a MTB Centre, a padel court, an amphitheater and the refurbishment of the playground. The work will be carried out «in a phased manner», but, by the end of the year, there may already be news. 

In statements to the Sul Informação, Paulo Alves, Mayor of Monchique, explained that this is an initiative that wants to «maintain the natural characteristics of the Park», adding «new features».

And they are: the construction of a MTB Center, which was planned for another land, but which was a National Agricultural Reserve, a padel court, which will be next to the Swimming Pools, and a natural amphitheater.

Added to this is the refurbishment of the playground, which already exists, and the placement of «equipment for street workout».

According to Paulo Alves, at the BTT Center it will be possible to carry out «small repairs and bicycle washes».


Paulo alves


The amphitheater, believes the mayor, will serve «to create more cultural dynamics, with shows to be held there».

For the time being, the tender for the construction of the MTB Center and the amphitheater has already been launched, but this will be a "phased" work.

«It is difficult to release a forecast of when the work will be finished because this is a process that will advance in stages», framed Paulo Alves.

The mayor prefers «not to create expectations» because «public contracting has its timings», but the ideal «would be to finish some equipment already this year», he said.

What is certain is that the objective is to «energize» the Urban Park of the village, making «people use and enjoy it».

The works have a total cost of around 600 thousand euros.


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