Navy coordinates rescue of cargo ship crew off the Algarve

Crew member had an accident which resulted in a serious injury to a finger

A 28-year-old Filipino man, who was injured aboard the cargo ship Berge Mawson, was rescued this Tuesday, January 30, in an action coordinated by the Navy, through the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center of Lisboa (MRCC Lisboa), in collaboration with various entities.

The crew member suffered an accident which resulted in a serious injury to a finger.​

The ship was sailing at around 221 miles, equivalent to around 409 kilometers, west of Cabo de S. Vicente.

After an evaluation by the Guidance Center for Urgent Patients at Sea, the Air Force Search and Rescue Coordinating Center (RCC Lisboa) was informed of the need to activate the air means to carry out the rescue.

Due to the distance from the coast, in addition to the EH-101 helicopter, it was necessary to send a plane to follow up, clarifies the Navy.

The EH-101 landed at Figo Maduro Airport at 13:33 pm, and the patient was taken to the hospital.