Loulé closes Christmas Program with 150 meters of bolo-rei

this friday

Loulé once again follows the tradition of celebrating Kings Day with the traditional giant cake, which also closes the county's Christmas programme. 

A table with a king cake 150 meters long, made by the Loulé Doce pastry shop, will occupy Praça da República, this Friday, January 6th, at 17 pm.

There are 110 kilograms (kg) of flour, 100 kg of candied fruit for decoration, 50 of chopped candied fruit, 50 of dried fruit (sultanas, almonds, figs and walnuts), 22 kg of eggs (38 dozen), 22 kg of sugar , 14 of margarine, 2 of flavoring drinks, 1,6 of salt and 1,6 of yeast are the ingredients of this cake but it is also the kneading hands that make the difference in the final product, which year after year deserves the praise of diners.

To liven up the party there will be a performance by the group Charola das Barreiras Brancas – AGAL.

This initiative has free entry and the slice of cake is free.