Lagos postpones acceptance of the transfer of competences in Social Action to April

Deadline is now April 3rd

Lagos City Council approved the extension of the deadline for accepting the transfer of competences in the field of social action, announced the municipality.

Scheduled to start on the 1st of January, the exercise of these new powers by the municipality will thus take effect on the 3rd of April, the new deadline.

The Municipality of Lagos stresses, in a note to the newsrooms, that «this possibility of postponement was consecrated by the recent legislative amendment that resulted from negotiations between the Government and the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities, but the proposal still needs to be approved by the Municipal Assembly of Lagos and communication to the General Directorate of Local Authorities».

The municipality intends to use this temporary flexibility to «reanalyse and, if necessary, revise the cooperation protocols previously prepared to be signed with the private institutions of social solidarity (IPSS) that will work with the municipality in the exercise of these new competences, as well as to create the conditions for physical space and equipping facilities that allow for the reception of technicians dedicated to providing social services to citizens».

In the Algarve, only four municipalities – Portimão, Lagoa, Vila do Bispo and Albufeira – have already accepted the transfer of competences in the area of ​​Social Action, as Sul Informação reported.