GNR detains 88 people and registers 109 accidents in the Algarve in the last week of the year

Almost a thousand traffic violations were detected

The GNR arrested 88 people in different operations carried out in the district of Faro and recorded 109 road accidents in the Algarve, which caused one death, three serious injuries and 25 minor injuries, between the 26th of December and the 1st of January.

Most of the offenses that ended up in detention are related to driving a car – 21 for driving without a legal license and 13 for driving under the influence of alcohol -, but there were also nine arrested for drug trafficking.

With regard to traffic, 929 infractions were detected during various operations focused on preventing and combating violent crime and road inspection, in various locations in the Algarve.

Among them, the GNR highlights 187 violations for speeding, 77 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 41 related to anomalies in the lighting and signaling systems, 23 for improper use of the cell phone, 20 for lack of insurance and 16 for missing or incorrect use of the seat belt and/or child restraint system'.

During the operations, 575 doses of hashish, 46 doses of cocaine, pyrotechnic devices, clothing, cosmetics, electronic material, food, two suitcases, two sticks, one of them wooden, a speaker, a pair of with glasses and a bottle of alcoholic beverage.

The GNR also carried out 33 awareness-raising actions, within the scope of the Safe Trade operation (168 people sensitized and the Seniors in Safety Program (134 seniors involved).