Algarve Football Association celebrates 101 years

The event was marked by the promotion of three round tables

The Algarve Football Association (AFA) celebrated this Sunday, January 22, its 101st anniversary, in an event marked by the promotion of three round tables.

“The development process of the Algarve club: Methods and Challenges”, “From Benjamin to the Manager: Ethics and Fair-play” and
“Algarve um só: 'The importance of synergies for increasing clubs and practitioners'”, were the topics covered.

In the last year, the AFA promoted a set of initiatives to celebrate its centenary, especially involving the 16 municipalities and all their affiliates, under the premise: “Dignify the Past, Honor the Present, Design the Future”. With a commemorative program focused on 100 years of history, the Institution started the year 101 with a motivating dynamic for the future.

“The development process of the Algarve club: Methods and Challenges” was the theme of the first session, which was attended by the president of LGC Moncarapachense, Nemésio Martins, the president of GEJUPCE, Rui Oliveira, the coordinator of Portimonense SC, Pedro Arroja , and the leader of Louletano DC, Gilson Pagani.



The second conversation had the theme “From Benjamim to the Director: Ethics and Fair-play” and had the interventions of the president of GD Lagoa, Luís Dias, the coordinator of Silves FC, Rodrigo Neves, the Regional director of the IPDJ, Custódio Moreno, and by the representative of the Albufeira School Group, Domingos Quadrio.

Finally, the vice-president and sports councilor of the Albufeira Chamber, Cristiano Cabrita, the president of the Quarteira Council, Telmo Pinto, and the representative of the Association of Municipalities Loulé/Faro, Adriano Guerra, starred in the last round table of the afternoon, under the theme “Algarve only: 'The importance of synergies for the increase of clubs and practitioners'”.

Journalist Rafael Duarte took over the moderation of the themes in an event that was also marked by speeches by the chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of the AFA, Alves Caetano, by the councilor for Sports of the Câmara Faro, Adriano Guerra, the director of the Portuguese Football Federation, Rui Manhoso, and the president of the AFA Board, Reinaldo Teixeira.

In addition to the intervenients, the celebration counted with presidents and representatives of the affiliates and members of the Governing Bodies of the AFA, mayors and representatives of PSP and GNR, among other entities.