Weapons and ammunition seized from two women who threatened a sexagenarian

In Olhão and Tunes

Weapons and ammunition, including an air rifle, a machete and a dagger, were seized in Olhão and Tunes as part of a threat process.

Following an investigation that had been going on for 14 months, the GNR found that two women, aged 32 and 33, threatened the victim, a 63-year-old woman.

This information supported the issuance of two house search warrants, during which a compressed air gun, a set of rattles, which can be coupled and turned into a baton, a machete, a bladed weapon (dagger), several pellets were seized. and a 7,62 mm ammunition.

The suspects were constituted as defendants and the facts were communicated to the Judicial Court of Faro.

This action was reinforced by the Environmental Protection Nucleus (NPA) and the Criminal Investigation Nucleus (NIC) of Faro.