Água Monchique is PME Líder

«It is a pleasure to be able to publicly recognize the success of your business strategy», says IAPMEI

Sociedade da Água de Monchique won the 2022 PME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) Leader diploma, awarded by IAPMEI (Institute for the Support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Innovation). 

«It is a pleasure to be able to publicly recognize the success of your business strategy and the importance of your contribution to the national economy», says Francisco Sá, chairman of the Board of Directors of IAPMEI, congratulating Água Monchique for the award.

The award was made following the «quality of performance and risk profile», can be read in the letter sent by IAPMEI.

Vitor Hugo Gonçalves, CEO of Sociedade da Água de Monchique, thanks all the company's employees for making this award a reality.

«We formally received our distinction as PME Líder 2022, which results from the good results presented, our solidity and the balanced ratios that attest to a rigorous and careful management of the company's resources. This is an important distinction on the national scene and it is the responsibility of each one of us who, in their daily tasks, with the rigor and commitment they have to the company, adds value to the company. Thank you all so much», says Vitor Hugo Gonçalves.

2022 was a year of multiple achievements for Água Monchique. The company won the “Product of the Year 2022 – Innovation Awarded by Consumers” award for the second consecutive year, with the EcoPack 10L and Eco Sport Monchique 100% valued for “sustainability, innovation, ease of handling and transport”.

In the international contest Internacional Monde Selection de La Qualité 2022, one “Great Gold” and two “Gold” were awarded to three innovations from the Monchique family – the Eco Sport Monchique 100% (Grand Gold), the EcoPack 10L (Gold) and the Glass 75CL (Gold).

The International Taste Test awarded Monchique Vidro 75CL three gold stars in the “Superior Taste Award” category.