Several generations come together on stage at the Portimão Academy of Music Christmas Concert

This Saturday, December 17th, at Igreja do Colégio de Portimão, at 21:00

photo: file

Students and teachers from the Academia de Música de Portimão (AMP), the Coral Adágio Group and some citizens will gather this Saturday, December 17th, at the Igreja do Colégio de Portimão, at 21:00, for the Christmas Concert. 

«It is a Christmas concert that conveys the spirit of the season. That there will be a lot of joy, with songs with an emphasis on peace and love, which we need so much at this time of war and so much need to convey», says maestro António Alves to the Sul Informação.

Since 2018 as AMP's pedagogical director, António Alves emphasizes that the academy «always had a strong connection to the school community» and «always excelled in the integration of the entire community».

Thus, the idea arose to bring together several generations on stage, aged between 12 and almost 80 years old, which make up a total of almost six dozen people.

«The concert has been in the works since the beginning of the school year and is now the culmination of a work that brings together young people and seniors. The rehearsals have been carried out with the Grupo Coral Adágio, which has led to a very fruitful interaction and intergenerational relationship», the maestro also emphasizes.

The Christmas Concert – which was supposed to take place last year, but was postponed due to the pandemic – will present the christmas oratory by Camille Saint-Saëns, with the soloists Beatriz Direito and Teresa Feliciano, the contralto Síntia Duarte, the tenor Marios Maniatopoulos and the baritone Hugo Rebelo.

The concert is free of charge and has the support of the Portimão City Council, the Parish and Parish Council and the Festa da Música.