Foreign tourists challenged to take holidays in the Algarve to save on energy bills

“Algarve: a different kind of energy. The only you should spend” is the motto of a new campaign

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Challenging those who live in colder countries to spend a season in the Algarve, in order to «escape the harsh winter and the increase in energy bills», is the objective of a campaign launched by Turismo do Algarve, in partnership with NERA – Associação Business of the Algarve Region.

The two entities created a campaign to attract visitors in the low season, where, in addition to the usual arguments of the sun, the mild climate and the outdoor activities that can be done in the destination, it uses the trump card of energy savings.

The campaign “Algarve: a different kind of energy. The only you should spend” – in a free translation, “Algarve: a different type of energy. The only one you have to spend” – “was designed to respond to the current problem of the energy crisis that is being experienced all over Europe, with particular expression in the central and northern countries, where the winter is more rigorous and where there is a greater dependence on energy for heating», according to Turismo do Algarve.

«Identifying here a key opportunity for the promotion of the region, the campaign aims to position the Algarve as the destination of choice for all those who want to escape the cold and the high energy cost that is foreseen», he adds.

The centerpiece of this communication action is based on a video «that highlights products such as Nature, Sport and Nautical and that invites people, this winter, to disconnect their expensive energy sources, to reduce their consumption costs , and to spend the unique energy that the Algarve gives them».

Outdoor walks, golf, birdwatching, cycling and boat trips, surfing and other water sports «are some of the suggestions left for a more appealing energy consumption».



The campaign, which will run on the main social networks and search engines during the month of December, is aimed at international markets such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain, and favors visitors who have the possibility of working remotely or to carry out medium and long term stays.

«With this campaign, we want to show the Algarve as an appealing alternative for those who want to escape the harsh winter and the increase in energy bills that are already beginning to be felt, all over Europe. The sun and the mild climate that the destination offers throughout the year and the diversity of outdoor activities that can be carried out are strong arguments to convince all those who want to bet on their well-being and comfort and spend a peaceful winter. Here, we not only welcome our visitors with a warm and welcoming hug, but also provide them with more interesting ways to spend their energy», explains João Fernandes, president of Turismo do Algarve.

«In addition to the attractive low season prices and the savings that can be achieved in longer stays, visiting the Algarve at this less popular time is also an opportunity to discover the region at a different pace. As this is a quieter period, tourists are able to have more time and availability to live and feel the authenticity of the destination and to experience everything that makes the Algarve a unique place», he adds.

Vítor Neto, president of NERA, believes that this is also an opportunity for local companies: «The arrival of visitors at this time of year is certainly beneficial for businesses in the region, insofar as it dynamizes and gives an additional impetus to to our economy during a period that is usually less busy".