Second Phase of requalification of Paderne Castle starts in January

The project will cost more than half a million euros.

The second phase of the renovation work on Paderne Castle starts in January and will have a total value of 591 euros, with more than 190 assured by the municipality of Albufeira. 

The work will last eight months, ensuring the recovery, both inside and out, of part of the wall facing northeast in front of the Albarrã tower and the entrance door in an elbow.

José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira, received in the Town Hall, last Tuesday, December 13, the regional director of Culture of the Algarve Adriana Nogueira, and the representative of the company responsible for the work regarding the conservation contract and restoration of the Almóada rammed earth modules at Castelo de Paderne.

«The castle of Paderne is a property of public interest due to its characteristics, architectural solutions and singularities of a fortification built in a very troubled period of History», says the municipality, adding that this monument has contributed to the knowledge of the Islamic period.

For José Carlos Rolo, «this is an investment made towards the conservation of the municipality's material heritage, essential, taking into account the historical and cultural relevance of the Castle for the municipality».

The first phase of the works, which passed for the conservation and restoration of the Albarrã Tower, was completed in 2018.