Portimão enters 2023 to the sound of Piruka, Matias Damásio and Queen

Between December 29st and December 31rd

Portimão will enter 2023 to the sound of Piruka, Matias Damásio and Queen, with a program that will take place between the 29th and 31st of December, always starting at 22 pm, in the riverside area of ​​Portimão.

The program starts on the night of the 29th of December with a performance by Piruka. On the 30th of December it is Matias Damásio's turn and on the 31st New Year's Eve will be celebrated until 1 am to the sound of dj Noise Tribe and the band Mercury Falls, with a tribute to Queen.

At midnight there is the traditional fireworks display, with launch points from the riverside areas of Portimão and Alvor and at Praia da Rocha, next to the Miradouro.

The concerts have free access and are supported by the promoters of the summer festivals Rolling Loud, Afro Nation and Secret Project, within the scope of the partnership established with the municipality of Portimão.

From 22:00 on the 31st of December there will also be a lot of entertainment in the riverside area of ​​Alvor in charge of DJ Cabeça, also with free access.

In addition to these initiatives, “Portimão, a Christmas Dream” is running until the 6th of January. There is also an exhibition on the 22nd Portimão Photographic Race and the photo exhibition “Planeta em Furia”, with images by Bruno Gonçalves.