More than a hundred teachers protest in Portimão [video]

S.TO.P claims that this strike is an “unprecedented form of struggle”

More than a hundred teachers gathered yesterday, at the end of the afternoon, in Alameda de Portimão, to protest against the lack of response from the Government and the announced measures.

To the rhythm of drums, teachers protested against the Government's lack of responses to their demands and against the measures announced by the executive.

During the day, there was a strike in its schools, a stoppage that, in some cases, continues this Tuesday.

A national strike was called by the Union of All Teachers (STOP) and brings together professors from all political persuasions.

This stoppage takes place at a time when the Ministry of Education is in negotiations with the unions, which have been against most of the tutelage's proposals.

The Union of All Teachers contests the changes to the competition model for the placement of teachers and calls for improvement in career conditions, namely with regard to salaries, difficulties in changing levels, the freezing of service time, among others.

The Government wants to maintain the criteria for hiring teachers, but it wants a new placement model, transforming national competitions into municipal lists.

The integration of teachers will be decided by local boards of directors, who will not hire teachers directly. For the Minister of Education, these changes mean greater stability for teachers.

The S.TO.P claims that this strike is an “unprecedented form of struggle”. The protest was convened following a survey carried out on the ArLindo blog, where thousands of teachers supported the holding of this strike for an indefinite period.

The other teachers' unions, affiliated with Fenprof, did not join this stoppage, having only scheduled a demonstration for March 2023 and vigils in various parts of the country.

Watch the video of the protest above.